Inform * Teach * Inspire… The new name says it all.


Thank you for visiting. This site is dedicated to posts designed to improve lives. Specifically, I write about relationships – familial, platonic, and romantic – and the communication skills one can employ to improve them. I’ll also share information about other aspects of life, share details about my writing projects, do giveaways, list details on upcoming events, conduct Q&As, and more here. Come back often. I’d enjoy your company and conversation.


Fresh posts appear once a week. You can find other words of encouragement and life skill tips by liking  my Facebook Page or following me  on Twitter.


Who am I?

Well, in short, I am:

  • An author, communications professor, researcher,  genuinely me
  • Full of GOOD words to complement your GOOD life
  • One who believes we all should #KnowDoBeBetter
  • Working on a plan to  earn more credentials, but am #LifeCertified because I write and teach about what I’ve experienced, observed, and know.
  • Focused on doing what I was put here to do; hence #GodApproved


The longer, more official-sounding version of my bio goes like this:


Tanika L. Smith is an assistant professor of communication who has worked in the field of education for many years. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mass Communication from Towson University, has a passion for personal development and improving relationships, and believes in using communication as a tool.


In her spare time, Tanika enjoys watching legal dramas with her mother and penning works of different genres. Tanika has published several of her works and that of others through her company Pages of Life Publishing.



Notices and Disclaimers

  • The information posted on this site should not be substituted for medical advice, professional counseling, financial advising, or legal advice by a licensed professional in your local area.
  • If you like something you’ve read here, feel free to share it, but  properly attribute me as the source. 
  • If you’re interested in including something read here in a publication or other media presentation? Contact me so I’ll know. In truth, I’m happy to contribute, I’d prefer you seek  permission first.
  • While I may highlight the work or views of others, I do not necessarily endorse them.

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